BLOOM CARE is a registered NDIS provider, established and operated by a group of health care professionals with 20 years in personal care, nursing and community care sector. We aim to empower people living with a disability to enjoy health and fulfilling lives by addressing their unique needs, goals and preference

our purpose

We aim to better support the CALD communities to better understand disability support services, and enhance their accessibility to the support services


Underpinning our Services are three guiding principals 

  1. Choice Empowering you to design a personalized support plan focused on assisting you to     achieve your goals
  2. Control Giving you control over how your funds are spent and what services form part of your personalised support plan. 
  3. Flexibility Delivering flexible and responsive services and support to suit your individuality and changing requirements


At Bloom Care, our values remain and govern us. They not only set the standards by which we work but also reflect the way we wish to be measured by our clients, stakeholders and the community.

Our values underpin our beliefs that:

  • People are our most important asset.
  • We are flexible in our working practice when and where required.
  • Celebrate diversity.
  • We should always strive to offer quality service.
  • Promote independence among people with a disability.
  • We should do no harm.
  • We are constantly investigating new and improved ways to do things to enhance our clients’ experience and outcomes.
  • We strive to build long term and mutually fulfilling relationships with everyone we support.